"Most delightful experience and pampering, ever. When my treatment was over, I was honestly wondering how I would stand up and walk to my car. I was that relaxed." -Debra E.

"Wow!! Best facial on the planet!! SERIOUSLY!!! They are so attentive, and even while your face is gently steaming, they massage your arms and decollate. The chairs barely allow you to stay awake they are so perfect!! I want to come here and just rest and pamper myself!! I feel so pampered and loved while Im there. THANK YOU beautiful ladies of Facelogic!!" -Kelly B. 


"I've been a member for a year now and I have to say I love it! My skin has definitely improved and I no longer feel the need to wear gobs of makeup just to run errands." -Sonia L.


"I was having really bad breakouts on my face after I turned 35, but after speaking with the skin care specialists at Facelogic, they recommended that I try out Eminence face wash and moisturizer. I have been using both for nearly 2 years and my breakouts have cleared up completely. I no longer use any other skin care and only get my skin care advice from Facelogic." -Lynette G.

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